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Gaby Cleaning Bay

Gaby Cleaning Services was established with a primary focus on providing exceptional cleaning services for residences throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Our business operates on a model tailored to accommodate the diverse lifestyles of our clientele, ranging from stay-at-home moms, store owners, students, government workers, attorneys, doctors, musicians, to entrepreneurs. Our dynamic and cheerful team ensures prompt and efficient service, consistently delivering an exceptionally high standard of work.

Unlike hourly rates, we charge per completed job, providing transparency and assurance that your space will always be left impeccably clean.

Do you share your home or office with pets? Rest assured, our pet-friendly team adores animals! Your pets are in safe hands with us, and some of our clients' pets eagerly anticipate our visits.

Additionally, we understand the value of client testimonials and are delighted to provide references upon request. Our team is considerate and silent, especially when cleaning while clients are present at home. For new parents or households with infants, we recognize the sacredness of baby sleep hours and strive to schedule cleanings that do not disrupt this precious time.


At Gaby Cleaning Services, we take pride in our work and extend an invitation for you to experience our services today. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Gabriela Nunes

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