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Experienced professionals dedicated to your apartment's cleanliness. Gaby Cleaning Services offers comprehensive cleaning packages for condominiums and apartments in San Francisco and the Bay Area, enabling our clients to focus on what truly matters in life. With meticulous and efficient cleaning services, we simplify our clients' lives, allowing them to channel their energy into professional and personal commitments.

Our experienced team collaborates seamlessly with front desks and concierges, ensuring a hassle-free entry and exit from client units.

Our meticulous cleaning services for living rooms and bedrooms encompass the following:

  • Dusting all surfaces

  • Vacuuming all floors, carpets, and area rugs

  • Mopping all floors

  • Dusting surface areas

  • Wiping all mirrors and glass surfaces

  • Collecting and emptying trash

  • Making beds and changing sheets

Experience the pinnacle of cleanliness and comfort with our professional cleaning expertise. We guarantee that every corner is immaculate, leaving your living spaces renewed and inviting.


  • Thorough cleaning of all tiles and floors

  • Sanitization of toilets, showers, bathtub, sinks, and meticulous shining of all
    chrome surfaces

  • Wiping down mirrors and all glass surfaces to ensure clarity

  • Disposal of all collected trash

  • Refreshing the space with the replacement of towels


  • Comprehensive cleaning of all surfaces, including countertops and floors

  • Immaculate shining of the sink and all chrome surfaces

  • Exterior cleaning of appliances, such as the stove top and fridge

  • Polishing of all stainless steel surfaces

  • Efficient collection and disposal of trash

Our professional bathroom and kitchen cleaning services promise a pristine and polished environment, paying attention to every detail.


  • Inside oven cleaning

  • Inside refrigerator cleaning

  • Inside cabinet cleaning

  • Laundry services (limited)

Enhance your cleaning experience with our additional services and customizable options. We offer specialized cleaning for ovens, refrigerators, and cabinets, ensuring a comprehensive and thorough cleaning. Additionally, we provide limited laundry services to further meet your unique needs.

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